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Epstein Law Firm provides city attorney services to the cities of San Rafael, Belvedere, and San Anselmo. The work includes attending city council meetings, supervising the defense of lawsuits filed against the cities, and providing legal advice to elected officials and city employees.

Rob serves as the part-time elected City Attorney of San Rafael (elected in 2007, reelected twice), Town Attorney of San Anselmo (since 2006), and City Attorney of Belvedere (since 2006). Rob also has served as Interim Town Attorney for Tiburon, and has represented the cities of Corte Madera, Novato, Piedmont, and Petaluma in litigation matters. As a Marin County city attorney, Rob has provided legal advice and counsel to more than 40 elected city council members, 10 city managers, seven chiefs of police, and many other city staff members.

Megan Acevedo serves as Deputy Town Attorney of San Anselmo. Emily Longfellow serves as Deputy City Attorney of Belvedere. They regularly attend Planning Commission meetings and provide legal advice on a wide variety of municipal law issues. For additional information regarding Megan and Emily, please visit the firm’s Attorney Biographies page.

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